We provide transparent, scientific, unbiased measurement of the effects of brands using sports & entertainment properties to communicate brand meaning with passionate fan bases. Our community was created to meet the needs of founding members among teams in the NFL with Dr. Kirk Wakefield at Baylor University. We welcome members from other leagues, sports, venues and events as we continue to grow to meet industry needs.



Chicago Bears – Buffalo Bills – Cleveland Browns – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Indianapolis Colts – Detroit Lions – Green Bay Packers – Washington Redskins

New Orleans Saints – Houston Texans – Minnesota Vikings


Columbus Blue Jackets – Vegas Golden Knights – Tampa Bay Lightning – Detroit Red Wings

Buffalo Sabres – Memphis Grizzlies – Dallas Mavericks – New Orleans Pelicans

San Antonio Spurs


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Both the property and the brand see the same results of joint efforts to achieve specific marketing objectives agreed upon prior to each season and over the course of the contract. The design, analysis and results are provided at arms-length. Working with the property’s data analytics group to ensure proper sample design to represent the fan data base, we maintain confidence in the accuracy (+/- 3%) of the results.

Brands may perceive data and reports generated from properties and vendors as having a position to defend or sell. True partnerships are based on trust. We exist to serve both brands and properties with no other stake in the game than to measure progress toward mutual goals.


A brand partner sees the relative lift of each asset (fixed signage, digital signage, A/V messages, promotions, TV/Radio broadcasts, website, social media, print, jersey patch and use of marks/logos) on the brand’s KPIs and customized brand actions and shared meaning.

The Affinity Transfer Model © developed by Dr. Wakefield in cooperation with AT&T and The Marketing Arm illustrates how effective partnerships work. Fans will transfer passion for the team to the brand with effective communication channels using the property’s assets to share meaning. When brand-to-fan communications need to be improved, both the brand and the property need to be on the same page with the same information.


Measures of regard, recognition, relevance, differentiation and trust lead to brand preference and use. We measure these fundamental components of the brand purchase funnel, validated and publicized in cooperation with our work with Young & Rubicam’s BAV Consulting. We measure how effectively each communication channel enhances these brand values among the property’s fan base. Beyond that, we also measure specific revenue-generating actions and shared meaning achieved among fans. We learn, for example, if fans identify “sharing happiness” with Coca-Cola compared to Pepsi or Dr Pepper or if Gatorade is seen as “The Sports Fuel Company” over PowerAde or Body Armor.


Join us. Members benefit from shared insights and professional research design respected by properties and brands alike. Contact Kirk@wakefieldresearchpartners.com to set an appointment to discuss how to join our community of innovative leaders in sports business strategy.

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